Leadership on a Whole New Level


Are you stuck? 

Stuck in life…going through the motions knowing full well there’s a better way to live?

  Are you worried?

Worried that you’re living someone else’s dream and not living out your true potential?

Are you looking?

Looking for non-textbook practices that will guide you toward success, wealth, & true happiness

You’ve come to the right place.  




  •   teach game-changing practices that will take your life to the next level
  • motivate the genius that lives inside each & every one of you
  • challenge you to use your talents and passions to  improve our world, and bring you success

All while entertaining you so hard that your face might fall off your face.



Whose Who?

  • My name is Joe Beckman
  • I’m a father of 3 kiddos under 7   (prayers accepted)
  • I’m motivational speaker, entrepreneur & average bowler
  • For the last 11 years I’ve worked with over 100,000 students and educators in over 500 different schools
  • I want to share my gift of motivating and inspiring with anyone and everyone who is ready to do the necessary “work” required in order to live an EPIC life



  • #1. Podcast (mom I’ll explain what that is later)

Weekly interviews with EPIC leaders who have EPIC tribes, cultivating an EPIC legacy.

  • #2.  Live Speaking Events
Talks, Trainings, and Teambuilding Retreats that will educate, motivate, and inspire
  • #3.  Videos Series

Packed with humor, heart and actionable takeaways; taking your life to the next level


Y ?

Why start a movement like this?   For so many reasons.

When we start using your gifts and passions to serve our world…when we learn from others and connect with their stories…when we challenge our souls to be more open and inviting…we unleash goodness

The ripple effect of that goodness has the potential, slowly but surely, to change our lives and change our world.   All in which takes intention, practice, persistence, grit and PURPOSE.

 A damn good reason to start a movement!

If you agree, shoot me your name and e-mail up in that cool box.  In return, I’ll send you a live talk entitled


The Epic Lesson, taught by a 2-year old that EVERYONE Needs to Hear

A $49 value.  Absolutely free.  Epic.

So thanks for coming.   Jump on in.   The water is warm.

(mostly because my kids have been swimming around first…sorry about that)


Leadership on a Whole New Level

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